This Month's History Lesson, the Marine Corps Way: September
The situation is well in hand!
A sumptuous dinner for two at the elegant Hotel Vanderbilt in New York would set one back all of $5.00 -- in 1922. (Source: AMVETS 1996 calendar)
  1 September 1969: The 1st Marine Regiment was presented the Presidential Unit Citation for Operation Hue City (Vietnam).
  2 September 1945: V-J Day; Japan formally surrendered aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, ending WW II fighting.
  3 September 1926: Marines served at Shanghai, China, and aboard ship during the Yangtze Service Campaign, 3 September 1926 - 21 October 1927.
  3 September 1943: Italy surrendered.
  4 September 1910: A Marine Battalion under Major Smedley D. Butler sailed from Nicaragua for Panama.
  4 September 1912: Provisional Regiment landed in Nicaragua during uprisings.
  5 September 1918: U.S. Marines paraded with the Royal Marines in Rosyth, Scotland.
  5 September 1942: Australians halted Japanese attempt to invade Milne Bay in New Guinea.
  5 September 1966: Operation "NAPA," Vietnam. (concluded 15 September)
  6 September 1776: Continental Congress prescribed first Marine uniform.
  6 September 1961: Marines of Task Force Solant Amity II completed their visit to 17b African ports..
  7 September 1903: Marines from the USS Brooklyn landed at Beirut to protect American lives.
  7 September 1965: Operation "Piranha" south of Chu Lai, Vietnam.
  7 September 1990: The 13th MEU embarked and arrived in the Gulf of Oman, joining U.N. forces.
  8 September 1863: Marines joined in an unsuccessful attack on Fort Sumter, South Carolina.
  8 September 1966: Operation "FRESNO," Vietnam. (concluded 17 September)
  9 September 1943: Allies invaded Italy.
  9 September 1950: Captain L. E. Brown flew the first Marine combat jet mission flown against the enemy in Korea.
10 September 1813: Marines served with Commodore Matthew C. Perry during the Battle of Lake Erie.
11 September 1814: Battle of Lake Champlain.
11 September 1990: The 4th MEB embarked and arrived in the Gulf of Oman in support of Desert Shield.
12 September 1917: General John J. Pershing selected the 7th Marine Company to guard his headquarters in France.
12 September 1960: Marine Corps Museum opened at Quantico.
13 September 1863: Attach on Fort Sumter.
13 September 1950: 1st Korean Marine Corps regiment part of 1stMarDiv.
13 September 1990: The 1st Battalion, 2d Marine Regiment embarked and arrived in Suadi Arabia in support of Desert Shield.
14 September 1942: Japanese on Guadalcanal's "Bloody Ridge" were shredded by Edson's Raiders.
Germany opened Seige of Stalingrad.
15 September 1944: The 1stMarDiv (Reinforced) landed against heavy opposition on Peleliu (secured 12 October).
U. S. Army troops seized Morotai.
15 September 1950: 1stMarDiv landed at Inchon, Korea, and moved on to capture Seoul.
16 September 1942: 3rdMarDiv activated at Camp Elliott in California.
17 September 1944: U. S. Army assaulted Anguar (secured 20 September).
17 September 1966: Elements of 5thMarDiv in Operation "Deckhouse IV," south of DMZ.
Operation "Golden Fleece," Marines protected rice harvest in Vietnam. (concluded 27 September)
18 September 1924: After seven years of occupation, the last Marines departed the Dominican Republic.
19 September 1912: Marines participated in the Battle of Masaya during the Nicaraguan Campaign.
19 September 1927: Battle of Telpaneca, Nicaragua.
20 September 1814: With the U.S. Capitol destroyed by the British, Marines protected Congress in a hotel.
20 September 1856: American interests in Panama protected by Marines.
21 September 1951: Corporal Jack Davenport, G/3/5, was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for throwing himself on a grenade to protect others in Korea.
22 September 1855: Marines and Seamen landed in Fiji Islands.
22 September 1945: The 5thMarDiv landed at Sasebo, Japan, for occupation duty.
23 September 1776: Continental Marines were ordered to reinforce General George Washington in New York.
23 September 1779: Marines aboard the "Bonhomme Richard" fought against the "Serapis."
23 September 1944: Ulithi seized as advanced Naval base.
24 September 1854: The USS Susquehanna departed Japan with Marine Jonathan Goble on board. He later returned as a missionary and invented the rickshaw.
24 September 1942 MCAS Mojave, California organized.
25 September 1915: Battle of Petit Rivers, Haiti.
25 September 1942: Camp Pendleton was dedicated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
26 September 1777: Marines join the Pennsylvania Navy for action on the Delaware River.
26 September 1915: "Horse Marines" engaged Haitian bandits near Petite Riviere.
27 September 1813: Marines served aboard ships in battle against the British on Lake Ontario.
27 September 1942: 1st Class Signalman Douglas A. Munro, U.S. Coast Guard, rescued Marines of 1/7 during Operation Pestilence on Guadalcanal. He is the only Medal of Honor recipient for the U.S. Coast Guard.
28 September 1900: Marines withdrew from Peking after the Boxer Rebelion.
29 September 1812: Seminole Indians ambushed Marines at Twelve Mile Swamp, Florida.
29 September 1899: VFW established.
29 September 1966: Operation "Monterey," Vietnam.
30 September 1932: "Chesty" Puller won second Navy Cross.
30 September 1945: III Amphibious Corps arrived at Tangku, China, for repatriation duty; 3/7 went to Tientsen.
30 September 1992: Marine Barracks, Subic Bay, Philippines, was disestablished. The Naval Base had been used by Americans for many years.

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