This Month's History Lesson, the Marine Corps Way: June
Flag Day, June 14, commemorates the adoption
of the U. S. Flag in 1777.
  1 June 1918: "Retreat Hell! We just got here," said the 5th Marine Regiment in France.
  2 June 1918: French Croix de Guerre awarded those serving at Belleau Wood, France 2-13 June.
  3 June 1918: The 4th Marine Brigade fought at Les Mares Farm, Belleau Wood, Chateau-Thierry, France.
  3 June 1942: Japan bombed Dutch Harbor in Alaska and occupied Kiska and Attu in the Aleutians.
  4 June 1942: Battle of Midway (June 4-6).

VMSB-241, VMF-221 and the 6th Defense Battalion began the Battle of Midway.

  4 June 1944: Allies entered Rome.
  5 June 1944: LtGen H. M. (Howling Mad) Smith was designated the first FMFPac commander.
  6 June 1853: Marines escorted Commodore Matthew C. Perry ashore at Naha, Okinawa.
  6 June 1918: Battle of Bouresches.
  6 June 1944: D-Day. Allies invaded France in Normandy landings.
  7 June 1912: Company A, 1st Marines landed at Santiago, Cuba.
  7 June 1918: Marines participated in the Battle of Bouresches in France.
  8 June 1880: Captain W. B. Remey was the first Marine appointed Judge Advocate of the Navy.
  8 June 1995: Marine TRAP Team, 24th MEU rescues Air Force Captain Scott O'Grady from Bosnia.
  9 June 1864: Colonel Jacob Zeilin succeeded Colonel J. Harris to become the 7th Commandand of the Marine Corps.
10 June 1871: A Marine battalion madethe first landing against Korean forts.
10 June 1945: Australians and Dutch landed on Borneo.
11 June 1927: Marines held back crowds welcoming Charles Lindbergh home from Paris.
12 June 1948: President Harry Truman authorized the first women Marines in the regular Corps.
12 June 1961: Iwo Jima Memorial Flag to fly 24 hours a day.
12 June 1991: Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted; III MEF and Marines Barracks, Subic Bay, rendered assistance.
13 June 1991: Marines from Okinawa and Marine Barracks, Subic Bay, Philippines, evacuated 20,000 Americans after Mount Pinatubo erupted. HMH-772, MAGTF 4-91, MAG-36, 15th MEU and other Marine units assisted.
14 June: Flag Day.
14 June 1898: Two companies of Marines defeated the Spanish near Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
14 June 1917: 5th Marine Regiment sailed for France.
15 June 1944: The 2d and 4th Marine Divisions made an assualt landing on Saipan (island secured 9 July).
15 June 1946: 10th Marines help police in Black Market Riot - Nagasaki.
16 June 1941: The 1st Provisional Marine Brigade was activated for duty in Iceland.
17 June 1898: Navy Hospital Corps established.
This old jarhead says
"Thanks guys! You're a great bunch."
17 June 1979: Colonel Valeria Hilgart became the first woman Marine to assume duty as chief of staff of a major command (Albany, Georgia).
18 June 1912: War of 1812 began.
18 June 1945: Army LtGen Simon Buckner was killed and Marine MajGen Roy S. Geiger assumed command of the 10th U. S. Army on Okinawa.
19 June 1888: Marines landed in Korea and marched 25 miles to protect the Seoul Legation.
19 June 1944: Battle of the Philippine Sea.
20 June 1866: 50 Marines and Sailors landed at new Chwang, China, to assure punishment for those who attacked an American official.
20 June 1946: 2nd Marine Division left Japan.
21 June 1898: Marines landed on Guam.
21 June 1943: U. S. Marines landed at Segi Point, New Georgia, opening Central Solomons Campaign (campaign concluded on 25 September).
21 June 1945: The Battle of Okinawa ended as LtGen Roy S. Geiger raised the American flag.
22 June 1813: Battle of Craney Island.
22 June 1945: Okinawa capture marked the end of ground fighting in Pacific.
22 June 1954: President Dwight D. Eisenhower authorized the first use of the first official Marine Corps Seal.
23 June 1812: Marine Lt. John Heath became the first casualty of the War of 1812.
24 June 1847: Garrison at Tabasco, Mexico defended by Marines.
24 June 1900: Battle of Tientsin.

The Legation Guard joined the Allies to repulse a heavy Chinese Boxer attack.

25 June 1918: The 4th Marine Brigade secured Belleau Wood, Chateau Thierry,France.
25 June 1950: Korean War began.
25 June 1981: HMH-464 at MCAS New River, North Carolina, received its first CH-53E "Super Stallion."
26 June 1891: The Corps established its first post at Port Royal, South Carolina, later known as Parris Island.
27 June 1916: The 4th Marine Regiment defeated Dominican rebels in a stand-up bayonet attack.
28 June 1814: War of 1812, Marines aboard USS Wasp help defeat HMS Reindeer.
28 June 1862: Civil War, Admiral Farragut's fleet vs. Confederate batteries near Vicksburg, Mississippi.
29 June 1918: Marines landed at Vladivostok, Russia, to protect the American Consulate.
29 June 1963: VMF(AW)-314 received the first F4B "Phantom" jets.
30 June 1834: Congress placed the Marine Corps under Navy jurisdiction.
30 June 1966: End of Vietnamese Counteroffensive Campaign.

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