This Month's History Lesson, the Marine Corps Way: April
Semper Fidelis
  1 April 1945: Easter Sunday and April Fool's Day. U. S. Marines and Army troops landed on Okinawa (island secured 22 June).
  1 April 1968: End of Tet Counteroffensive, Vietnam.
  2 April 1944: The 22nd Marine Regiment secured Majit Island in the Marshall Islands.
  1st day of operation for newly formed 9thMAW, Cherry Point.
  3 April 1817: "Peace Establishment Act" reduced Corps to 50 officers and 942 enlisted.
  3 April 1847: Marines and Sailors from the USS Portsmouth landed and captured San Lycas, Mexico.
  4 April 1854: Battle of Shanghai, China. Marines and Sailors from the USS Plymouth landed at Shanghai to protect the American Consulate.
  4 April 1967: "CHINOOK II" ended in Vietnam (17 Feb - 4 Apr).
  5 April 1947: Five Marines were killed at Hsin Ho by Communist Chinese.
  5 April 1967: "Big-Horn" RVN (5-22 Apr).
  6 April 1776: Continental Marines on the USS Alfred participated in the first naval engagement.
  6 April 1967: "Canyon" search and destroy, RVN (6-10 Apr).
  7 April 1917: Marines participated in the Battle of Las Canitas in the Dominican Republic.
  7 April 1966: "JACK-STAY" ended, RVN.
  7 April 1991: The 24th MEU participated in Operation Provide Comfort, a multinational relief effort to aid Kurdish refugees on the Iraqi-Turkish border.
  8 April 1782: Marines participated in the sea battle between the USS Hyder Ally and HMS General Monk.
  8 April 1823: Marines chased pirates east of Havana, Cuba.
  8 April 1966: Operation "IOWA," RVN (8-9 Apr).
  9 April 1942: Bataan, Philippines, fell to Japan. Battery C, 4th Marine Regiment surrendered with American forces.
  9 April 1953: Marines regained "Carson" Hill during fighting in Korea.
  9 April 2003: Marines remove statue of Saddam Hussein in downtown Bagdad signifying the regime collapse and Iragi freedom.
10 April 1945: VMB-612 launched night attacks from Iwo Jima against the Japanese coast.
10 April 1959: LtCol John H. Glenn, Jr. one of the 1st space pilots selected.
11 April 1904: One officer and 20 enlisted men became the first Marines to garrison Midway Island.
11 April 1966: Operation "Orange" southwest of DaNang, Vietnam, ended.
11 April 1992: The 24th MEU (SOC) CH-53H "Super Stallions" helped stem lava flow from Mount Etna, Italy.
12 April 1966: Multi-Bn operation NEVADA started south of Chu Lai, RVN.
12 April 1975: Marines evacuated nearly 300 Americans and foreign nationals from Cambodia during Operation Eagle Pull.
13 April 1847: Marines captured LaPaz, California, during the Mexican War.
13 April 1885: Marines guarded the rail line to Panama City.
14 April 1865: Marines guarded the body of John Wilkes Booth after Abraham Lincoln's assassination.
14 April 1961: 1/5 Transplacement Battalion left Pendleton for Okie.
15 April 1971: III MAF Redeployed to Okinawa after six years of service in Vietnam.
16 April 1898: The Secretary of the Navy ordered MGen Charles Heywood, 9th Commandand of the Marine Corps, to organize a battalion for duty in Cuba.
17 April 1849: Marines were aboard the USS Preble when she became the first American warship to visit Okinawa.
17 April 1966: Operation "Virginia" RVN (17 Apr - 1 May).
18 April 1864: Marines joined sea battle as four Union ships attacked Confederate ram Albermarle near New Bern, North Carolina.
18 April 1942: Shangri-La raid (B-25's flying off U.S. carrier Hornet) struck Tokyo and other Japanese cities.
18 April 1961: Marines in goodwill tour to North African Ports "SOLANT AMITY II".
19 April 1778: Marines participated in the USS Ranger's capturing and sinking of a British schooner off the coast of Ireland.
19 April 1966: Helicopter Training Unit HTG-30 formed at Santa Ana, California.
20 April 1861: Marines helped burn Norfolk Navy Yard to prevent Confederate seizure.
20 April 1945: 4th and 29th Marines secured Motobu, Okinawa.
21 April 1951: Carrier-based Marine planes downed three Yaks in the first air-to-air contact of Marine air with the North Korean Air Force.
21 April 1966: "GEORGIA" operation southwest of DaNang started (21 Apr - 10 May).
22 April 1778: Marines from the USS Ranger landed with John Paul Jones at Whitehaven, England.
22 April 1944: U.S. Army landed at Hollandia and Aitape in New Guinea.
23 April 1914: The 3rd Marine Regiment joined in a show of force at Vera Cruz, Mexico, after an insult to the American flag.
24 April 1814: Battle of Bladensburg, Maryland.
24 April 1862: Marines helped capture New Orleans, Lousiana.
24 April 1962: Marine helicopters (Shufly) supported the 21st Army of the Republic of Vietnam Division during Operation Nightingale near Can Tho.
25 April 1913: The formal charter of the Marine Corps Association was established.
27 April 1805: Lieutenant Presley O'Bannon raised the American flag over the Fortress at Derne, Tripoli.
28 April 1965: 3/6 was helo-lifted from the USS Boxer to secure the American Embassy in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
29 April 1862: Marines raised the flag, symbolizing the Union's capture of New Orleans during the Civil War.
29 April 1946: 1st Special Marine Brigade formed at Camp Lejeune.
29 April 1975: Marines helos HMH-462, HMH-463 and HMM-165 with BLT 2/4 evacuated 6,968 people from Vietnam during Operation Frequent Wind.
30 April 1947: 11th Marines returned to the States after 5 years in the Far East.
30 April 1969: U.S. military personnel in Vietnam reached 543,300.

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