This Month's History Lesson, the Marine Corps Way: January
Land, Sea, Air
  1 January 1804: The tradition of the Marine Band serenading the Commandant was established.
  1 January 1944: Lieutenant General (later General) Alexander Vandegrift made Commandant of Marine Corps.
  2 January 1777: Marines participated in the 2nd Battle of Trenton.
  2 January 1944: U.S. Army made surprise landing at Saidor, began drive up New Guinea coast.
  2 January 1960: Marine Corps Air Facility, Futenma, Okinawa was commissioned under Colonel L. S. Reeve. (Originally named Futema. When I was stationed there in 1961 with MAG-16 it was still named Futema. In 1970 it was designated a Marine Corps Air Station and was renamed Futenma in 1976. Leatherneck Magazine, March 1997, had a nice article about MCAF, Futema.)
  3 January 1777: Battle of Princeton.
  3 January 1945: VMF-124 and VMF-213 from the USS Essex struck Formosa and the Ryukyu Islands in the first Marine land strike off a carrier.
  4 January 1861: 40 Marines left Navy Yard, Washington, D.C. to garrison Ft. Washington.
  4 January 1928: Marines participated in the Battle of Quilali during the occupation of Nicaragua.
  4 January 1991: Marines evacuated 260 U.S. and foreign citizens from the American Embassy, Mogadishu, Somalia, during Operation Eastern Exit.
  5 January 1904: A Marine detachment landed to protect Legation at Seoul, Korea.
  5 January 1944: The 5th and 7th Marine Regiments overran the 53rd Japanese infantry, New Britain.
  1st and 2nd Raider Regiments disbanded.
  6 January 1859: BGen Archibald Henderson died in office after serving 39 years as the 5th Commandant of the Marine Corps.
  6 January 1967: Operation Song Than/Deckhouse V began on MeKong Delta - RVN.
  7 January 1961: MAG-12 moved from Iwa Kuni to Philippines.
  7 January 1969: The Medal of Honor was posthumously awarded to 1stMarDiv Chaplain, Lt. V.R. Capodanno, U.S. Navy, who was killed in action in Quang Tin Province, Vietnam on 4 Sept. 1967.
  8 January 1815: Marines, with Andrew Jackson's help, repulsed British forces at New Orleans.
  9 January 1847: Marines participated in the Battle of La Mesa (California) during the Mexican War.
  9 January 1945: Luzon in Northern Philippines invaded.
  9 January 1958: 1st Bn 8th Marines left Camp Lejeune for Med Cruise.
10 January 1861: Captain Josiah Watson and 38 Marines surrendered with Navy Yard, Pensacola during the Civil War.
10 January 1927: 2nd Bn 5th Marines landed in Nicaragua.
11 January 1799: 2nd Lt. T. Wharton, 1st Quartermaster of the Marine Corps.
11 January 1945: MAG-24 landed int he Philippines to provide air support to the U.S. Army.
12 January 1967: General H. M. (Howling Mad) Smith, "Father of Amphibious Warfare," died.
12 January 1991: The 5th MEB embarked and arrived in the North Arabian Sea in support of Desert Shield.
13 January 1862: Marines landed and burned Confederate stores at Cedar Keys, Florida.
13 January 1943: The 2ndMarDiv launched a westward coastal attack at Guadalcanal.
14 January 1918: Artillery Regiment, 10th Marines organized at Quantico.
14 January 1920: Caco insurrectionists were defeated in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
15 January 1942: Brigadier General H. R. Larsen 1st military Governor American Samoa.
15January 1943: Captain Joe Foss bagged three Japanese planes for a record total of 26 kills.
16 January 1958: 3rd Anti-Tank Bn activated Camp Hansen, Okinawa.
16 January 1991: Marines participated in the offensive air action against Iraq as Operation Desert Storm began.
17 January 1944: Company B, 1st Tank Battalion spearheaded the assault against Japanese positions on Arawe Peninsula, New Britain.
17 January 1945: Russians captured Warsaw.
17 January 1951: 1stMarDiv began mop-up at Pohang, Korea.
17 January 1993: Floods caused Camp Pendleton to close its gates to all but essential personnel.
18 January 1836: Marines reinforced Army to repulse Indians at Ft. Brook, Florida.
18 January 1902: The famous "March Across Samar" ended during the Philippine Insurrection.
19 January 1840: Detachment with the Wilkes Expedition reached Antarctica.
19 January 1929: BGen Smedley Butler's 3rd Marine Brigade was disbanded at Tientsin, China.
20 January 1942: Thomas Holcomb, 1st Lieutenant General in Corps history.
20 January 1968: The 26th Marine Regiment killed 100 enemy as the second Battle for Khe Sanh, Vietnam, began.
21 January 1918: The first Marine aviation unit overseas in WW I arrived in the Azores.
22 January 1925: 2nd Expeditionary Force organized at Cavite, Philippine Islands, for duty at Shanghai, China to protect American lives.
22 January 1969: Vietnam, Op-Dewey Canyon began, 1617 enemy KIA.
23 January 1780: Marines participated in the capture of a British brig by the USS Providence and USS Ranger off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina.
23 January 1909: 1st Provisional Regiment returned from duty in Cuba.
23 January 1942: Japanese invaded New Britain, New Ireland, the Solomons.
23 January 1943: Australian-U.S. counterattack recaptured Buna-Sanananda from Japanese.
Tripoli fell to Allies.
24 January 1874: Detachments formed for Battalion-size exercises off Key West, Florida.
24 January 1942: U.S. Naval force battered Japanese troop convoy in Battle of Makassar Strait.
24 January 1968: The 26th Marine Regiment held the Khe Sanh Combat Base.
25 January 1922: "U.S.S. Galvaston" Marines landed to reinforce Managua.
25 January 1928: Marines participated in the Battle of El Chipote during the occupation of Nicaragua.
26 January 1856: Marines and settlers drove off indians at Seattle, Washington.
26 January 1904: The emperor of Addis Ababa, Abyssinia, decorated Captain G. C. Thorpe for escorting diplomats 500 miles through the desert.
26 January 1942: First U.S. troops reached Northern Ireland.
27 January 1778: Marines landed at New Providence, Bahamas; the American flag flew over foreign soil for the first time.
27 January 1837: Marines fought in the Battle of Hatchee-Lustee in Florida.
27 January 1937: 1st and 2nd Brigades in Fleet Landing Exercise #3 off San Diego, California.
27 January 1944: Anzio beachhead seized in Italy.
27 January 1973: Signing of Vietnam Peace Accord.
28 January 1914: Marines with British, French and German units landed in Haiti.
28 January 1942: The 4th Marine Regiment was assigned to support Philippine Scouts on Bataan.
28 January 1966: Operation "Double Eagle." Largest amphibious landing since Korea.
28 January 1973: End of Vietnam Cease Fire Campaign.
29 January 1914: Marines joined British, French and German troops in Haiti to protect mutual interests.
29 January 1991: Marines participated in the first major ground action of Desert Storm, repulsing an Iraqi mechanized battalion.
30 January 1943: Marines participated in the Battle for Rennell Island.
30 January 1968: Beginning of Tet Counteroffensive.
31 January 1944: The American flag was first raised over Japanese soil by B/1/25 in the Marshall Islands.
31 January 1956: Camp "H. M. Smith" dedicated as FMFPAC Headquarters, Oahu, Hawaii.

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